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What about APGAR score?

newborn in incubator

This score is the result of a test that was designed by Virginia Apgar in 1952 anesthetist.

APGAR score is sometimes called „baby birth mark”. This is the first test did indicate child and its overall physical condition. It is important to note that this score does not determine the child’s health and long-term results.

The name indicates the test items are evaluated:

  • Activity (tonicity muscles);
  • Pulse (heart rate);
  • Grimace (reflex responses);
  • Appearance (color);
  • Breath.

The score can be calculated by the doctor, nurse or midwife.

Each of the measured rated from 0 to 2. The result can be set between 0 and 10.


When the test is done to obtain APGAR score?

Assessment baby is 1 minute after birth, then 5 minutes after birth. If the condition does not improve and the child has a poor score and five minutes later, then it will make an assessment and 10 minutes after birth.

What indicates this score?

Careful! A poor score does not mean that your baby is not healthy or normal! It means it needs a little help, such as airway suctioning for their release. The baby will be fine.

If after 5 minutes after birth baby’s score does not improve, doctors will keep him under observation on it.

Most infants had an Apgar score of 7 to need little time to adjust to living conditions outside the womb.


A child who obtained an APGAR score of 7-1 minute after birth has a very good health condition. Baby’s cries are a joy for doctors. They indicate a good breath.

Why cry baby in maternity.

What steps to take if your baby’s score is low?

Possible situations:

An Apgar score of 8-10 is an excellent result. Notes 8 or 9 may indicate a difficult or premature birth, but does not affect your baby.

A score of 5-7 indicates the need for artificial respiration. Doctors will put an oxygen mask and child will make a massage.

If your baby get a score lower than 5, it is very likely that it will spend up to 2 weeks in an incubator with light and oxygen to help him breathe normally.

Do not worry!

If your doctor is concerned you announce and explain your baby’s condition, possible causes and what care is recommended depending on the problem.

Relax and enjoy the moment!

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